Why are tires made of rubber?

Answer Rubber tires are a common sight on most wheeled vehicles today. While trains and tracked vehicles often omit rubber coverings on their wheels, free-driven craft benefit from the traction, flexibili... Read More »

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How is mulch made from rubber tires?

In recent years, rubber mulch has become a popular landscaping alternative. Rubber mulch is a safe, long-lasting alternative to traditional mulch and it has the benefit of helping the environment b... Read More »

What kind of rubber are tires made of?

The rubber that is used to make vehicle tires is a combination of natural rubber and a synthetic rubber. The natural rubber is a rubber that comes from trees, while synthetic rubber is man-made. T... Read More »

Why aren't tires solid rubber?

Well for one the ride would be much worse if you had solid rubber tires. Every bump would be felt.But more important than the ride is the fact that tires are very complicated parts of a car. The ... Read More »

Who invented pneumatic rubber tires?

Pneumatic rubber tires for bicycles were invented in 1888 by John Dunlop. Philip Strauss invented the pneumatic rubber tire for automobiles in 1911. They were marketed by his company, The Hardman T... Read More »