Why are 'they' hiding the cures?

Answer There are four versions of the answer to your question, all of which require a clear understanding of the currently existing medical industrial complex.I'm going to answer the 3rd in detail as that... Read More »

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What's the best way to get cockroaches if you can't find where they are hiding?

well if hes in ya pantry..pull all ya food out and spray in there ..or spray the area he went..BUT normally if you see one..he has a big get the cocky man in

Why are they hiding Anna Dimera's face Days of Our lives fans?

We're supposed to be too ignorant to read the spoilers, I assume. :S

Are they really hiding the cure for cancer to protect copyright/corps?

I have to agree with Mike – who are they?How could that in any way protect copy rights or corps?How do you expect hundreds of diseases to have “a cure”?My answer is no.

Are they hiding the truth about this super flue that is going around?

Sounds transparent to me: get your flu shot. What truth are you wondering about?