Why are they encouraging gardeners not to use peat moss?

Answer Because they are so PC they want to stop us doing sensible things.

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Are peat moss&peat mulch the same thing in a garden?

Peat moss and peat mulch are not the same in gardening. Peat moss is created from dried moss. Peat mulch is made up of cattails, reeds, sedges and other water plants. Peat mulch needs to be kept mo... Read More »

Is peat moss the same thing as peat humus in a garden?

Peat humus is a more fully decomposed version of peat moss, in which none of the organic material is identifiable. Peat moss is best for aerating and binding sticky and loose soils, while peat hum... Read More »

What do you do with peat moss?

On One Hand: Peat Moss Improves GrassPeat moss is a soil amendment that loosens compacted soil, absorbs moisture and prevents the leaching of nutrients. Improving the soil leads to better root grow... Read More »

What is the scientific name for peat moss?

The scientific genus name of peat moss is Sphagnum. Each species of peat moss has a scientific name composed of two words: Sphagnum plus another word that describes the species under consideratio... Read More »