Why are they called muscle cars?

Answer Since the invention of automobiles, people have been trying everything under the sun to make them better and faster. To pinpoint why some cars are referred to as muscle cars, is to weed through a t... Read More »

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How does a couple that has one car each insure their cars and can they still drive each other's cars during visits when they live in separate states?

Answer Just get insured with one of the bigger companies, like Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, Geico. As long as you are both listed, what car you drive and where should not matter. Your rate may ... Read More »

Do you think larger cars are safer to drive than smaller cars especially if they are involved in an accident?

Uh yeah... If you have a accident in a small car your a$$ is grass.

How to Reupholster Muscle Cars?

With basic sewing skills and determination, reupholstering car seats can save money and provide a new appearance to your muscle car. Classic muscle car seats were upholstered using vinyl, which is ... Read More »

Why Do Muscle Cars Get Bad Gas Mileage?

When the muscle car era began in the 1960s, manufacturers figured out that putting big engines in ordinary cars made for exciting, relatively inexpensive cars to market to young drivers looking for... Read More »