Why are they DELETING and EDITING my wikipedia?

Answer Welcome to the convoluted set of rules and contradictions set forth by the wikipedo cabal!If you want to disseminate information without a bunch of people trampling all over it in an attempt to inc... Read More »

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Is there a wikipedia macro for "This page is stupid. You can help wikipedia by deleting it."?

Yahoo should have such an option; it would be better than all of their continuous "oops" messages, lol.

Adding, Editing & Deleting places on Google Maps?

hiigo to sign into your google accountsearch for your place and click on add new/edit as per your requirement :)

Why is somebody keep deleting my edits of wikipedia?

because he is stubborn and want it his way

How can I keep people from deleting what I've written on WIKIPEDIA?

That requires deep knowledge of psychology and game theory. The thing is, Wikipedia is an MMPORPG. The factual accuracy of your content is completely irrelevant. If you understand the psychology of... Read More »