Why are there white spots on your herbs?

Answer I just finished washing the mealy bug larvae off of my bay leaf plant; It may bethat. All it takes is alcohol and a rag. The soooner you clean them off the better, ifthat's what it is.

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Vitiligo is a condition that causes the skin to lose pigmentation. According to the Mayo Clinic, vitiligo makes milky-white patches on the skin. The disease affects people of all races, but it most... Read More »

What would cause white spots to appear on fingernails?

In most cases, no. While there are many reasons for these white spots (called leukonychia), most of them are due to mild trauma -- such as hitting or slamming your fingernail on or into something -... Read More »

Mitsubishi tv dlp getting white spots?

You beat me Dog, Yes its a bad DMD chip,when you get the tv fixed have the tech show you the old chip you can actually see the spots exactly how you see them on the tv.Call soon it takes about a we... Read More »

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