Are there oak trees in China?

Answer There are a few different species of oak tree native to China. Quercus acutissima (saw tooth oak) is native to China, as is Quercus dentata (Daimyo oak) and Quercus variabilis (Chinese cork oak).So... Read More »

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Are there hemlock trees in kansas?

Hemlock trees are found in Kansas, according to the Kansas Forest Service. The eastern hemlock is found in Leavenworth County and Johnson County, while the western hemlock is found in Wyandotte Cou... Read More »

Are there citrus trees in ireland?

Citrus fruits are not commercially grown in Ireland as the climate does not allow for citrus to grow. Ireland's consumption of citrus fruit is low due to the fact that it must be imported from othe... Read More »

How many different oak trees are there?

Oaks are part of the Beech family (Fagaceae), which also includes such trees as the sweet chestnut and American beech. The oaks consist of one genus (Quercus), which is often divided into two subgr... Read More »

How many varieties of ash trees are there?

Ash trees species number between 45 to 65. Identify Ash trees by their leaves. The leaves form a featherlike, compound leaf made up of nine to 11 leaflets. Several species populate the United State... Read More »