Why are there so many ugly people on youtube?

Answer Its a family website and your female relatives are clogging it.

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How can there be "ugly" people and "attractive" people?

you changed my mind a lot. I really am a b+tch when I think about it. Your totally right.

Why are so many people in the world so ugly?

How many people think that a new born is ugly?

ha ha No your not alone.... personally My opinion is that once the baby looses the "squished through a vagina look" they start looking much cuter... (usually after a week or so) but the wonderfu... Read More »

Why do so many people argue on youtube?

Sadly, for the most part, most of the comments on youtube are just people arguing. Some people are cowards and insult others throug the internet to feel tough which is pathetic. I also have to be c... Read More »