Why are there so many rude gits on this site?

Answer True, very annoying. Plus I am sure that they report people for no reason as well.Yahoo, should check violations, if the content is below a certain level it should be instant dismisal from Answers.... Read More »

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Why do so many Americans use this site (UK + IRELAND) when they have their own site?

its aquite annoying, when we use terms like "daft" or "quid" they are stumped and dont know what we are on about!Go back to your own site where u ask questions about hot dogs and popcorn!

If the French are so rude why do so many people move there?

I have lived in Paris for nearly thirty years now and I can honestly say that I find the French AND the Parisians to be very polite indeed. The reason why foreigners find the French rude could pos... Read More »

If there is a health professional on this site, would you/they answer this question?

I am not a professional but have studied nutrition for some 25 years .. taking over 30 course as well as courses , lectures etc on herbs and healing .. More then I can go into here .. I have also ... Read More »

Should there be age limits to use this site?

They would sneak on anyway. No point really.