Why are there so many pictures of the moon landing?

Answer No, since NASA has never encountered any aliens.

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How long did NASA plan the moon landing?

Tell everyone and watch their budget take off like a rocket! I assume by "UFO" you really mean "Alien Spacecraft". UFO just means "I saw something in the sky and I myself don't know what it was". n... Read More »

Does anyone still collect memorabilia concerning NASA such as original slides of the first moon landing?

Yes, I do. However memorabilia is getting very difficult to find these days, although occasionally items crop up on eBay.One has to be very careful, though, especially when you collect autographs o... Read More »

How many times did nasa make a space shuttle before the first moon landing?

None. The space shuttle came after the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects (Apollo got us to the moon.) The space shuttle was intended to be a freighter of sorts - ferrying materials, satellites an... Read More »

Im looking to buy a digital camera that can take images up close and pictures of the night sky or moon Helplz?

Hi. We have a Sony Cybershot and do use it for night shots (for fun) and close-ups (for our online business). It takes great pictures in low lights at night as it has one of those infra-red sen... Read More »