Why are there slides that lead into a pool?

Answer For sheer fun! To slide into a pool is way better that slowly climbing in scared of the coldness of the water..just slide and be shocked! It's all just fun!Slide baby slide!

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Are there any studies on whether swimming pool tube slides are safer than open slides?

Answer According to the workers, tube slides are definatly safer than open slides. With open slides, there is a higher chance of people falling over the the side.

How to Paint Fiberglass Pool Slides?

Fiberglass pool slides share similar construction methods with other fiberglass objects, such as boats. Fiberglass cloth is laid up in a mold and saturated with catalyzed polyester resin, which har... Read More »

How much do swimming pool slides cost?

Answer check out poolsupplies.comAnother great resource for slides is They have a great selection of slides from S.R. Smith. They range in price from $1,000 and up.

Where can you get replacement water line hosing and fittings for AquaSlide N Dive brand 8 foot Queen Right Curve swimming pool slides?

Answer Hi Kirsten - I can supply the complete spray nozzle kit for this slide (brand new) - original equipment. Comes with hose, 2 spray nozzles (top and bottom), nuts, t-union, and garden hose co... Read More »