Why are there slides that lead into a pool?

Answer For sheer fun! To slide into a pool is way better that slowly climbing in scared of the coldness of the water..just slide and be shocked! It's all just fun!Slide baby slide!

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Are there any studies on whether swimming pool tube slides are safer than open slides?

Answer According to the workers, tube slides are definatly safer than open slides. With open slides, there is a higher chance of people falling over the the side.

If you want to hard-wire a 240 Volt 60 Hz air conditioner that has a 6-20p plug and there are 3 wires that lead to the unit which are black white green how should you tie this into your sub panel?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60Hz supply serviceLIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer]Electricity is dangerous!You can be injured or killed!Improper installations can cause fire, injur... Read More »

Is there a video of a child that got suked into a pool whirlpool.?

yes there ishave a great dayBEN why did you ask this ? look at link;…are YOU trying to kill someone BEN?

Is there a swimming pool system that allows one to have a seawater pool at home?

Answer Yes, In Key West Florida, the Hemmingway house has one. It uses a pipeline to the sea that actually cleans it. Answer Sea water is pretty disgusting (correct) You can make your pool,hottub a... Read More »