Why are there road safety signs?

Answer Road signs exist simply to maintain safe driving procedures for everyone. Without safety signs, vehicles probably would have more collisions or endanger more lives. Road signs usually located on th... Read More »

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Can the police sit on the side of a road with a speed camera and do you if there are no signs?

Are there any off-road and on-road racing tracks for mini-bikes in/near L.A.?

None that I know of. There are not enough people wanting to legally ride mini-bikes to make money running a track for mini-bikes. Go-kart tracks make money racing go-karts. They cannot stop and ... Read More »

Road safety and adolescents question?

Oh Yes, it's called cleaning up the gene pool.There's some figures somewhere that state the largest cause of death amongst teenage girls is as passengers in (boy) friends cars

Children's Games for Road Safety?

Games can make learning road safety fun for children. Different road safety games emphasize different aspects of safety. Some teach what different road safety signs mean. Others let your children i... Read More »