Why are there road safety signs?

Answer Road signs exist simply to maintain safe driving procedures for everyone. Without safety signs, vehicles probably would have more collisions or endanger more lives. Road signs usually located on th... Read More »

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How far should campaign signs be from the road?

States and municipalities have different laws regarding campaign signs and how far they can be from the road. Many, like Mesa, Arizona, and the state of Wisconsin, require the signs be a minimum of... Read More »

Safety Rules While Walking on the Road?

Roads aren't the ideal place to walk, but when sidewalks aren't available, it's still possible to share the busy roadways safely. It's important to know and follow all safety rules, be they city an... Read More »

How to Develop Road Safety Skills?

If you develop road safety skills, you may be able to avoid an accident, stay out of the hospital, and even save lives. Remember to drive when alert. Look around constantly, minimize distractions i... Read More »

Road safety and adolescents question?

Oh Yes, it's called cleaning up the gene pool.There's some figures somewhere that state the largest cause of death amongst teenage girls is as passengers in (boy) friends cars