Why are there only 4 usb ports on computers?

Answer because so meny peripherals use usbmine has only 4 so i bought a usb hub this gave me 3 more £15 with own power supply

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How to Hook Up Parallel Ports on New Computers Without Parallel Ports?

Although many printers use USB ports to connect to a computer, many older printers instead use parallel ports. This can be problematic, however, because as the need for parallel ports drop, fewer c... Read More »

Can 2 computers be connected together with USB ports?

Yes, you can connect two computers via USB cable. Those cables need to have two standard USB connections on both ends of the wire. These cables are "USB to USB" cable. Connected computers can shar... Read More »

Does turkey have usb ports in their computers?

Most hotels have a computer area for the use of their residents you may have to pay to use the internet per hour in addition to this you will probably find an internet cafe in some of the townsand ... Read More »

Why are memory sticks that plug in to the USB ports on all computers called flash drives?

Its called a flash drive because it uses flash memory. Flash memory is called this because it stores information (like memory) and you can flash it (meaning you can update or delete the info stored... Read More »