How many Caucasian people here are scared of Black people?

Answer Well here is a little knowledge... I think the world is. Ok ..Since us the African Americans were forcably brought to a civilization that wasn't our own, we were also forced to adapt. We the Africa... Read More »

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What is it when a foot gets very swollen and toes turn black and the foot is very swollen and black and blue?

It could be gangrene. Take her to the doctor/hospital immediately!!!!! My grandfather lost his leg after one of his toes turned black.

How many people besides me think this is a very bad idea?

EDIT 1:I know no matter what I say, you are going to disagree. With that clearly at the forefront, I will proceed as follows:For 1 thing, DPU is nothing new. this this a practice done even with the... Read More »

Why do so many people refuse to accept that Wikipedia is very accurate?

If you honestly believe "that Wikipedia is very accurate," then your standards for accuracy must be extremely low. Sure you have to make concessions in favor of Wikipedia to even be able to compare... Read More »

How many black people live in Africa?

The "New Encyclopedia of Africa," by John Middleton, shows Sub-Saharan Africa's 2005 population at 698 million. By 2010, 730 to 780 million Africans might identify themselves as Black. No reliable ... Read More »