Are there flowers that keep snakes away?

Answer While some old myths have suggested that planting gourd vines in your flower beds is one way to keep snakes away, several studies have shown that there are no flowers that will stop snakes from cro... Read More »

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Are there citrus trees in ireland?

Citrus fruits are not commercially grown in Ireland as the climate does not allow for citrus to grow. Ireland's consumption of citrus fruit is low due to the fact that it must be imported from othe... Read More »

Are there US Marine bases in Ireland?

no, there are not. Ireland is a very small place. US does not usually involve Irish people

What type of climate regions are there in Ireland?

The climate of Ireland is temperate but regional differences affect temperature and rainfall. The northern coast is cooler than the southern coast and inland areas away from the coast also have coo... Read More »

I have an itunes voucher thats from the US , is there any way to change it so i can use it in Ireland ?

no dont think so. post it to one of your usa contacts lol !!