Why are there never any people visible when you zoom in on google earth?

Answer Because we, compared to houses, are quite small.If you want to make sure that you appear, print a large (5m by 5m) photo of yourself and pin it into a road.

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Why can I zoom into google earth and be able to see trees and cars, but never see a single person?

good question i want to know that one to e-mail me at when you find out

Is there a site on Google that I can you the satlite to see Earth and zoom down ...?

Yes there is, Google Earth! It's a pretty neat program that let's you view the earth via satellite imagery. You can even search for specific locations. You can find it here: Read More »

On google earth , when you zoom right in its quite blurry, if i buy a more powerful graphics card would it be?

Some areas on google earth don't have close up ariel photos - so a graphics card wouldn't improve things.

Why is there no people in the Google Earth satelite images?

There are people, they are just really hard to see. They are so small and there is no shadow because they take the satellite images when the sun is directly above them.