Why are there mushrooms growing on my lawn?

Answer A beautiful lawn is lush and green without weeds or fungi. Unfortunately, many lawns have unattractive mushrooms which appear on the lawn and sometimes spread throughout it. Mushrooms grow on lawns... Read More »

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How to Kill Mushrooms Growing in My Lawn?

Other than being unattractive, mushrooms don't cause any real damage to lawns. For this reason many people don't like mushrooms growing in their yards. Additionally, if pets or small children play ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in the Lawn?

When mushrooms grow naturally in your lawn, they can affect the surrounding plants by stealing their nutrients. They can be unsightly and ruin the look of unbroken green that you are trying to achi... Read More »

How to Rid My Mulch of Mushrooms Growing in It?

Mushrooms and toadstools need food and energy to survive and may grow on decomposing wood in the forest and in your old mulch. Other fungi that may appear are unsightly orange slime molds--also kno... Read More »

Mushrooms growing from my ceiling!?

That is one of the Coprinoid species, "Inky Caps." They are not deadly or poisonous or deadly poisonous. They are also not usually found in houses, they do seam to like wet hay bales in barns tho... Read More »