Why are there more stoma on the bottom of the leaf?

Answer to preserve water

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What Are the Functions of the Stoma in a Leaf?

Stoma refers to microscopic pores found mainly in the outer layers of leaves, but also in stems and flowers of plants. Together with the specialized guard cells, the stoma form a structure called s... Read More »

Bottom corner of of rib cage sticks out more?

Mine does the same thing, because my family has history of a desease scoliosis. I recently found out I had it just like my mother. I have it so bad, my spine is shaped like an s. It causes my rib t... Read More »

Do you think Julia might get a bit more respect if she took a leaf out of Howards book?

Howard was a master at it. But I well remember the cringe factor I felt and the cut-throat mean-spirited "every man for himself" sentiment that pervaded those times. I don't want to go back there... Read More »

How to Change a Stoma Bag?

Patients who have stoma bags need to change them on a regular basis. They should follow the recommendations of their doctor or stoma therapist to determine how often they should change their bag. S... Read More »