Why are there more stoma on the bottom of the leaf?

Answer to preserve water

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What Are the Functions of the Stoma in a Leaf?

Stoma refers to microscopic pores found mainly in the outer layers of leaves, but also in stems and flowers of plants. Together with the specialized guard cells, the stoma form a structure called s... Read More »

How to Change a Stoma Bag?

Patients who have stoma bags need to change them on a regular basis. They should follow the recommendations of their doctor or stoma therapist to determine how often they should change their bag. S... Read More »

How do I Ventilate a Stoma?

A tracheal stoma is a small opening in the neck that connects the trachea directly to the skin. It is commonly used in patients who have had a laryngectomy, but can be used temporarily to aid brea... Read More »

What Are Stoma Shields?

Stomata (the plural of "stoma") are permanent holes in the body a surgeon creates for a biological function. They are also known as ostomies, and surgeons can make them in many parts of the body. A... Read More »