Why are there medical protocols?

Answer Medical protocols exist to provide the necessary guidelines needed in medical procedures. Most often these protocols include treatment plans.DefinitionAccording to the Connecticut Board of Examiner... Read More »

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Medical Directives & Protocols?

Advance medical directives ensure that healthcare providers follow a patient's wishes with respect to end-of-life decisions, even if the individual is unable to communicate them at the time. These ... Read More »

What types of internet protocols are there?

Here are a few of the common ones:TelnetSMTPFingerPOP3IDENTDCOMHere's the official Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) port assignment list. This list will tell you the name of the protocol ... Read More »

Are there protocols for naval vessels in communicating with ships of other governments?

Unless the vessels are military allies (e.g., NATO), where communication is typically over established channels and with established protocols, communication is typically done in accordance with i... Read More »

Is there a certain time frame that the custodial parent should get medical bills or insurance EOBS to the noncustodial parent who is responsible for medical bills not covered by insurance?

Answer You contact your local Domestic Relations Office for the information. They should have a policy on it. In the state of PA the custodial parent must provide the documents within 6 months or... Read More »