Why are there many trees planted at the reservoirs?

Answer The trees stop the soil from falling/dropping into the water in the reservoir.Hence, it prevents soil erosion. If soil is in the water, and water ( fresh water )in the reservoir is for us, humans t... Read More »

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Why are trees planted in reservoirs?

because tree will be able to get plentiful of water from the reservoir.

How far apart should pecan trees be planted?

Seedling pecan trees should be spaced out 10 inches apart and planted about 3 inches deep. Planting seedlings will allow the tree to establish itself at least two years sooner than if planting nuts... Read More »

How far apart should pear trees be planted?

Pear trees are typically planted 20 feet apart. That gives the trees room to reach mature growth without overcrowding. Proper spacing allows good air circulation, which helps prevent plant diseases... Read More »

How Far Apart Should Apple Trees Be Planted?

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