Why are there many different types of memory cards available?

Answer people have more buying power than others. Why are there so many different cars on the market?Why are there so many cuts of meat at the grocery?You get the idea......Things are offered to the buyin... Read More »

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How many different Pokemon cards are there?

The Pokemon trading card game made its debut in Japan in 1996 and came to North American in 1998. Forty-four sets of cards were created for the Pokemon trading card game. Each set has a different n... Read More »

How many types of visa credit cards are there?

Virtually every bank offers a multitude of Visa credit cards. Your options are in the thousands. Visa does not issue credit cards directly--banks decide on terms and conditions, fees and interest r... Read More »

How many different debit cards are there in South Africa?

Three basic types of debit cards exist in South Africa. Bank account linked debit cards for ATM cash with draws and deposits, bank account linked direct debit cards for electronic funds transfers u... Read More »

How many different colored cards are there in soccer for fouls?

In Association Soccer there are two different colored cards issued to players for committing fouls: yellow and red. A yellow card represents a caution, and does not result in any further action aga... Read More »