Why are there different type glasses for wine and champagne?

Answer The purpose of the champagne flute (apparently) is to keep the bubbles in the glass longer and they are designed in such a way to allow this, while a wine class has a wide opening to allow aroma mo... Read More »

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Are there different types of 3D TV glasses?

Yes, there are. First kind is those that you have to plug in to charge the battery. They use something called shutter system and when your left eye sees an image, your right eye receives a complete... Read More »

Is there a type of red wine without alcohol?

How many glasses are in a bottle of Champagne?

Champagne and other sparkling wines typically come in bottles that hold 750 ml. Most glasses, or flutes, designed for Champagne are 6 oz., which is about 177 ml. Therefore, the standard Champagne b... Read More »

Looking for green bubble stem wine or cordial glasses that go with the austrian hanging wine decanter?

Your best bet is going to be eBay. There is nothing there right now, but set up a search and save it. You should even be able to set it to email you if something turns up.I have these fantastic 195... Read More »