Why are there different hormones in men&women?

Answer Hormones are substances in the body that provide the chemical signals needed for a wide range of bodily functions and processes. While men and women share most hormones, certain key hormones contro... Read More »

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Are there foods that can stimulate growth hormones?

Alinine and Glutamine and other amino acids supposedly stimulate Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretion for about 20 minutes. Some (presumably Zone diet proponents) also say that glucagon stimulates ... Read More »

Is there any health foods with hormones in them.?

probably not human hormones though. plant hormones are different than what the human body produces.Are you looking to avoid them or eat them??Your question needs to be clearer.

Is a mother unfit if she has 4 kids by four different guys and got married to none of there fathers and now is going through a devorce because she cheated on him and now she has a different guy around?

Having numerous men in your life does not mean you are an unfit mother. The way you treat your children, what kind of environment the children are in matters.

Has there ever been a game show host that every did three different game shows in there careers?

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