Why are there different TV color systems namely, PAL, SECAM, NTSC etc?

Answer It's like Betamax and VHS, Blue-Ray and HD DVD, etc. The USofA, Canada, Japan and some other countries in the Americas use NTSC, which some have dubbed Not The Same Colour because it is often gives... Read More »

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How many different color of care bear are there?

will there be a new show of kndNo,that`s not an answear.Tat helps no one.You are obviously a noob.All you did was start a new question.So that means that you are the second level of a noob,wich mea... Read More »

Is there an easy way to convert movies stored as DV-AVI (NTSC) to DV-AVI (PAL)?

Different Hydraulic Systems?

Hydraulics use fluid power under high pressure to lift or to support a load. Every hydraulic system takes fluid from a reservoir through a pump to a selector control valve. This fluid flows from t... Read More »

Different Irrigation Systems?

Irrigation has played a crucial role in the development and success of civilizations since ancient times. The first irrigation systems were developed by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, who... Read More »