Why are there Haredi Jews in Israel if the Haredim don't believe in Israel until the Messiah came?

Answer Not all Haredi Jews oppose the existence of Israel, though many do.Those that oppose the existence of the State of Israel do so because they claim that it cannot exist until the Messiah arrives. Ho... Read More »

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If Israel unilaterally attacks Iran and Iran responds by declaring war on Israel do USA-Israel accords obligate the USA to declare war on Iran?

Answer 1 The US must do whatever Israel tells it to do. Answer 2 The United States is not obligated by any standing treaty between the United States and Israel to intercede in Israel's defense. To ... Read More »

Did the US help Israel win the Six Day War?

Answer 1: Yes Yes, the US helped nearly all "free world" nations during the cold war. The US supplied them with tanks, planes, artillery, shells, infantry gear, etc. Just never "direct involvement"... Read More »

What has Israel done for the US?

It has made the US support it, which destroyed the economy. In other words: nothing!The world is the way it is because of our individual contributions to it, not in spite of them.Israel would need ... Read More »

Israel; anything you would recommend me doing while I'm over there ?

on arrival at TLV (Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport) you may be subject to prolonged questioning, searches and/or denied entry all together if you are suspected of Arab decent. Also you... Read More »