Why are the tulip flowers called tulips?

Answer tulips are called tulips from the word tulipa gesneriana

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Flowers That Are Similar to Tulips?

With their colorful, cup-shaped blooms, long, ribbon-like leaves and sleek, graceful stems, tulips are among the most popular flowers. Whether in the garden or an arrangement of cut flowers, tulips... Read More »

How to Draw Tulips & Flowers?

Drawing is an art form employed by numerous artists. Cartoonists and drafters rely on drawing to create their work. Painters sketch out a draft in pencil before applying paint to canvas. Drawing ca... Read More »

Are tulips aggregate flowers or single blossoms?

Tulips are single blossom flowers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. During the 17th century, only the wealthy in Europe were allowed to have them in their gardens as they were th... Read More »

Would you shoot the rabbits that are eating your tulips and flowers?

Yes, camp out all will be well worth it!!Shoot them every chance you can before they take over the world!!* make sure you don't miss and hit your car tire* ( that would not be Read More »