Why are the symbols on the Colorado flag important?

Answer The symbols of the Colorado state flag are important because they make it different from all other state flags. It symbolizes different aspects of the state.State FlagsEach of the 50 members of the... Read More »

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What do the symbols of the Colorado flag stand for?

The state flag of Colorado, adopted in 1911, has blue and white strips and a red letter "C" with a gold circle inside it. The gold represents the state's sunshine. The blue signifies Colorado's blu... Read More »

What do the symbols mean on the Missouri flag?

Like most flags, Missouri's state flag is full of symbolism and meaning. The flag was designed by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver and adopted March 22, 1913, nearly 100 years after Missouri gained s... Read More »

What do the symbols on the american flag mean?

The Continental Congress adopted the first flag in 1777, but early flags flown in the colonies varied widely in colors and designs, including incorporation of a snake, pine tree, eagle and lion. Ea... Read More »

What do the symbols on the North Carolina flag represent?

The North Carolina flag has two horizontal bars, one red and one white, on the right side of the flag, and a blue vertical bar on the left side. The blue bar has a white star, golden NC letters, an... Read More »