Why are the polar regions sensitive to pollutants?

Answer People often forget about the effects of pollution on the polar regions of the world because they are largely uninhabited. However, the poles are some of the most sensitive areas on Earth to human ... Read More »

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Polar Regions in the USA?

The Earth's polar regions are the areas that surround its north and south poles, also known as frigid zones. These regions are made up primarily of the polar ice caps, resting respectively on the A... Read More »

What kind of weather conditions do polar regions have?

Polar regions are cold year-round. Average temperatures at the South Pole range from minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to minus 18 degrees in summer. At the North Pole, average temperatures ran... Read More »

The Difference in Polar & Non-Polar Molecules?

Molecules form when atoms join together by sharing electrons. A molecule sometimes has an excess of negative charge on one end and positive charge on the other. When this happens, it possesses what... Read More »

How to Identify Molecules as Polar or Non-Polar?

The old adage of like dissolves like comes from understanding the polar or non-polar character of molecules. A molecules polarity rises from the electronegativity of the atoms in the molecule and t... Read More »