Why are the old children's songs and lullabies so morbid and violent?

Answer I actually wrote an abnormal psychology paper about this in college, wish I still had it for reference. According to a book that I used as my source, fairy tales were never meant to be soothing an... Read More »

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Childrens nursery rythmes and please?

can't think at the moment, but will work on it!Got itHorsey Horsey Don't You Stopjust let your feet go clippety clopyour tail goes swishand the wheels go roundgiddy up we're homeward boundhooray ho... Read More »

Childrens songs for lesson plan?

Anything by Raffi is great!!! Here are a couple of web sites.He sings great songs like: Baby Beluga, Down By the Bay, The Wheels on the Bus, and much, much more!

Do any pre-k or kindergarten teachers know any childrens songs that have dances to go with them?

ring a ring a rosieinse winse spider with actionsdo your ears hang low(pretend hands are droppy ears)do they wobble to-and-fro(sway your hands)can you tie them in a knot(pretend to tie under your c... Read More »

Are people who watched violent shows as children going to be violent when they become adults?

On One Hand: TV Violence Desensitizes ChildrenAccording to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children exposed to violent TV shows become desensitized to violence, accept viol... Read More »