Why are the letters on a key board set up the way they are?

Answer While it looks like a random keyboard, actually the designer assembled keys in such a way that most common letters in alphabet are hit by the two "best fingers" on both your hands, left and right.T... Read More »

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What size letters should you cut to put on poster board to put 6 letters across the board?

Why are the letters on the key board arranged as so?

I have read that it goes back to the days of the first typewriters. Because the mechanisms could only move so fast, they needed to keep the typing at a certain speed so it didn't get jammed. so th... Read More »

If a board member has a restraning order on them in a co-op can they still serve on that board?

Your question poses several variables that may or may not apply. For example: Who filed the restraining order? Another board member? Someone not involved in the business of the co-op?What is the ba... Read More »

SMART Board Activities for Capital Letters?

The concept of capital letters is first taught during the early grades of elementary school. Capitalized letters are required to properly start the beginning of sentences and identify proper nouns.... Read More »