Why are the leaves on my tomato plants curling up?

Answer Tomatoes are subject to damage and destruction from disease and insects, including the common leaf roller. Damage from a leaf roller is not to be confused with a destructive plant virus that often ... Read More »

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How do I Treat Leaves Curling Upward on Pepper & Tomato Plants?

Curling leaves on your tomato or pepper plants can present quite a problem. In the case of tomato plants, curling leaves are rarely indicative of a larger problem. If your pepper plant's leaves are... Read More »

My tomato plants have red stems and some of the tips of the leaves are turning brown and curling up crispy?

The curled leaves are caused by lack of consistent watering.Tomatoes like temperatures from 75F to 80F- can go higher.They like heat, sun and air flow. A fan can give them air flow.When the temper... Read More »

My tomato plant leaves are turning yellow and curling up. Whats wrong?

Yellowing leaves on tomato plants can indicate many things. Here's the list to run through: 1) Plants are too dry. 2) Plants are too wet. 3) Foliar leaf damage from a bacteria or virus, especially ... Read More »

Why Are the Leaves Curling Up on My Jalapeno Pepper Plants?

When the leaves of a jalapeno pepper plant curl, the cause is most likely an aphid infestation. Aphids are one of the most common vulnerabilities of pepper plants and many plants respond to a colo... Read More »