Why are the leaves of my prayer plant curling inward from the sides?

Answer While the prayer plant folds up its colorful leaves at night, in the manner of praying hands, signs of folding or curling during the day indicate the plant needs watering.TypesThe prayer plant, als... Read More »

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Why Are My Pear Tree's Leaves Curling Inward?

The foliage of your pear tree can be an early warning system, if something is wrong with the tree. It's useful to be able to identify each specific problem, so that the correct course of action can... Read More »

My tomato plant leaves are turning yellow and curling up. Whats wrong?

Yellowing leaves on tomato plants can indicate many things. Here's the list to run through: 1) Plants are too dry. 2) Plants are too wet. 3) Foliar leaf damage from a bacteria or virus, especially ... Read More »

Are leaves from cabbage plant edible?

Are dried leaves on a tomato plant from frostbite?

Since frost dehydrates plants and tomatoes require a lot of water, dried leaves may be the result of cold nights or frostbite. Dried leaves may also be a sign of drought stress. Dry, wilting leaves... Read More »