Why are the french called 'frogs' ?

Answer because if you lick their skin, you could die??

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What is a French military cap called?

A French military cap is called a kepi. Worn in the French Army and the Foreign Legion, it has a visor and a flat circular top. The style was also worn in the United States during the Civil War and... Read More »

What are French hats called?

The hats that are most associated with France are berets. They are small hats that fit tightly around the head and have a rounded top with a point. These French hats are unisex and are worn in the ... Read More »

What is a lounge called in french?

the lounge is called "le salon" in French, or "le living-room".

What is a french chef's hat called?

The traditional hats that are worn by chefs are called toque blanches. They are, in fact, worn by chefs all over the world and not just those who live in France.Source:Jackets And Toques: The Histo... Read More »