Why are the english addicted to indian food?

Answer They ruled India for over 200 yrs and acquired the taste for it. Alot of Brits lived in India, were born & raised in India.....It's better than british food isnt it? Besides eating spicy foods re... Read More »

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· What do you think of Thai food Chinese food English food?

Love Thai food! Its so spicy and coconuty.Chinese food is divine. Love the flavour and also nice and spicy in some of their dishes.English food is difficult to define these days. So much of what th... Read More »

I'm addicted to food how can i stop!?

You are not eating foodyou are snacking and eating empty caloriesthat is why your hungry all the time what you are eating fills you up for a while though not for longeat at least one good meal ever... Read More »

How can I stop being addicted to food?

food is a great thing. we all need it and it's one of life's pleasures. but when it's uncontrollable, there's a problem. do you know why you're addicted? food can be used for comfort and to escape... Read More »

How to Stop Being Addicted to Food?

Food addiction, like any other type of addiction, and can take over a person's daily routine. In many cases, those suffering from food addiction not only eat too much, but constantly think of eatin... Read More »