Why are the beds in space on the walls?

Answer Astronauts' beds are located on their walls because of gravity, space constraints and convenience. Sleeping on the wall feels the same as sleeping anywhere else. Plus, in vehicles of such close qua... Read More »

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How to Walk on Walls in the Dead Space Video Game?

In the video game, Dead Space, your character has magnetic boots which allow him to walk on walls when in a zero-gravity environment. Being able to jump from surface to surface is extremely importa... Read More »

Do you need a box spring when you convert bunk beds to twin beds?

On One Hand: Mattresses Need SupportMattresses do need some type of foundation; however, that foundation does not have to be a so-called "box spring." According to Consumer Reports, "there's nothin... Read More »

Are rails for queen size beds&full beds the same?

Rails for queen and full-size beds are different sizes. However, rails for twin and full-size beds are the same. You can purchase a converter set that will allow you to change your full-size rails ... Read More »

Which one do you prefer water beds or regular beds?

regular............................> yes regular beds