Why are the English so rubbish with the internet?

Answer Ha-ha, you've really opened up a can of worms there, haven't you? You could have presented your question in a more, let's just say, English-friendly way, but I get your meaning.I do believe it's mo... Read More »

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Is Yahoo's policy of allowing only English-language questions a bunch of rubbish?

theres international ones for those who cant speak english or dont want to. it makes it easier otherwise imagine all the questions you'll be hunting through to find one in englishand correction to ... Read More »

How to Learn English Via the Internet?

Learning English is very important if you live in an English-speaking country as a foreigner. You will need to learn to speak English well if you want to get a good job or to advance your career. U... Read More »

How does the internet get over the english channel?

Via submarine cables primarily. Fibre optic cables are laid along the sea bed to join countries.You can see what happens when these links fail from the source news article below. This quote is al... Read More »

How to Use the Internet for Teaching English Phonetics?

The Internet holds a wide source of phonics-teaching tools and many of them are free. With young children interested and able to use computers, the Internet has become a valuable resource for learn... Read More »