Why are the Americans having a go at the NHS?

Answer They are using the NHS as an example of why the US government shouldn't go plunging billions of $ into a state-funded healthcare system.It's mainly the Republicans, many of whom are connected quite... Read More »

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Is anyone else getting really annoyed at Americans having a go at the NHS the past few days?

Moaning about the NHS is one of our favourite past-times, along with moaning about the weather, economy, politics, and football. But there is something everyone should know about Britain. We LOVE t... Read More »

What is more offensive- having a go at Americans, taking the piss out of Christians or defending vegetarians?

Hi Princess,Having a go at American isn't offensive, its a national sporttaking the p*** out of christians is too easy.Defending vegetarians is just plain right, and your duty.So, apologising or wo... Read More »

Why do Americans think the English have bad teeth..when Americans can't seem to see past fake teeth?

HAHA marked this interesting.. im from America and i have never thought about this! LOL...NICE ONE MAN

Will having an abortion at 16 weeks lower my chances of having another baby?

No, it will not lower your chances of having another baby.if you have questions, call the national abortion federationThe NAF Hotline is available to answer any questions you may have about abortio... Read More »