Why are telephone numbers seven digits long?

Answer In North America, local phone numbers have seven digits. The first three digits (known as the "prefix" or the "exchange") indicate the city, or area within a city. The last four digits indicate the... Read More »

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How many digits do Peruvian telephone numbers have?

The amount of digits in a telephone number in Peru depends on what country you are calling from and where you are in Peru. For instance, if you are calling Peru from the United States, you will dia... Read More »

Why are phone numbers seven digits long?

According to the website Private Line, which details the history of the telephone, the use of seven-digit telephone numbers has its origins in an earlier system using both letters and numbers to di... Read More »

How telephone numbers are assign to the subscribers by the telephone exchange?

All the numbers go into a giant pool as they build a central office. In the old days, they used to allocate specific numbers for different functions, like maybe the 6500 group for business hunting... Read More »

When did phone numbers become more than four digits?

Those who remember the telephone party line system might remember when you could dial four digits to call someone. The four-number system was gradually phased out in the 1950s. Sometime around 1958... Read More »