Why are tears salty Just always wondered...?

Answer Tears are salty because salt heals and kills bacteria. Many infections and germs enter our body through our eyes. They tell you to gargle with salt water when you have a sore throat or an ulcer bec... Read More »

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A baby can cry by birth but formation of tears is not by birth By what time period the tears are formed?

What does it mean if someone calls you salty?

To be called "salty" stems from the phrase, "salty dog," which was a term for an old sailor (so accustomed to the sea he had become "salty"). It has come to mean set in your ways or blunt, and is s... Read More »


no, someone didn't mix the batter properly.Baking soda that doesn't get mixed in correctly will give a salty flavor.

Why is Lays and Ruffles So Salty?

Yeah, they do put a lot of salt on them... As with everything, too much of anything is unhealthy.