Why are teachers so uptight about using Wikipedia?

Answer I would say we're exhausted and annoyed by Wikipedia rather than uptight about it. It's true that for some of us it manifests itself as a kind of close-mindedness and even blind rage. A few of my c... Read More »

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Why do so many schools/teachers ban the use of Wikipedia?

A lot of what you're supposed to learn in school is how to find information. Professors aren't stupid, they know you can just type something in to google and find some random information.What they... Read More »

Why do teachers hate wikipedia?

Why is Wikipedia still seen as unreliable to my teachers?

Because it still is. Can you distinguish "obviously unreliable content" from potentially unreliable content? If something seems believable, does that automatically mean that it's correct? In life i... Read More »

Why do some teachers hate wikipedia?

Wikipedia isn't considered a scholarly source because anyone off the street can add information to it so it limits the credibility of the information given. There have been people who claim to be ... Read More »