Why are taxes so important?

Answer Every April 15th, tens of millions of Americans groan in grief as they hurriedly get their income tax forms to the mailbox. Taxes account for more than a trillion dollars a year in government money... Read More »

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Why Are Taxes Important?

The collection of taxes provides funding to support the infrastructure of government, which allows for the delivery of public services to individual states and the nation as a whole.

Why are property taxes important for local communities?

The history of property taxes goes back to ancient Egypt and Persia. The modern property tax system is a remnant of the Middle Ages in England. In the United States, property taxes provide valuable... Read More »

What are two important important organic rocks?

coal and limestone are the two most important organic rocks because of their uses. coal as you know is and important fossil fuel and limestone is used for many things in construction.

Is respecting your military important and why it is important?

Yes it is really important to respect your militay soldiers because they protect you. You also have to honor them and support them. You also have to send a thank you notes to the troops. Your mili... Read More »