Why are tasers bad?

Answer Tasers, also known as "stun guns," usually work by shooting hooks into a person's body and then send a large amount of electric current into the individual, sometimes as much as 50,000 volts.Effect... Read More »

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The Use of Tasers in Canada?

Tasers are used by police forces across Canada. This type of weapon is not available to the general public. Use of Tasers by police has come under scrutiny after the death of a Polish immigrant who... Read More »

Types of Tasers?

The Taser is a weapon that relies on electroconvulsive shock to incapacitate its victims. The word "Taser" is a brand name that refers specifically to weapons of this type made by Taser Internation... Read More »

What are tasers?

A Taser is a non-lethal, electro-shock weapon created and manufactured by Taser International. The weapon uses compressed air to shoot electrified probes at a human target. When touched by the prob... Read More »

Can Tasers kill?

A Taser, which is a specific brand of stun gun, is known as being less lethal than other subduing forces. However, using a Taser may cause neuromuscular incapacitation, which could lead to death.Re... Read More »