Why are stones left at grave sites?

Answer Many Jews have a custom, when visiting a cemetery, to leave stones on the grave or on the grave marker, where people of other faiths might leave flowers. This custom is distinctive to the Jewish co... Read More »

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What Do Stones Placed on a Grave Mean?

It's customary in the Jewish faith to place stones on graves or tombstones instead of flowers. Some religious leaders of Judaism even outright oppose the idea of placing flowers on graves. Jews bel... Read More »

What does putting stones on a grave mean?

Placing stones on a grave is a Jewish practice of unknown origin--possibly pagan. Some people believe the stones represented permanence of the soul, or that the stones somehow anchored the souls in... Read More »

Jewish Tradition of Placing Stones on a Grave?

The placing of stones atop a Jewish grave is an old tradition, with uncertain origins. Although building a cairn over graves in not unique to Jewish tradition, the taking of small pebbles to a grav... Read More »

Why are pennies left on grave markers?

The American custom of leaving pennies on a grave dates back to the 18th century and Benjamin Franklin's funeral. The most common belief is that it is good luck to toss a penny on a grave. Coins of... Read More »