Why are spreadsheets important?

Answer Spreadsheets are important because they allow large amounts of data to be stored in a single file. In addition to organizing data, spreadsheets can also complete complex calculations using large se... Read More »

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Why is it important to have formulas in spreadsheets?

It is important to have formulas in spreadsheets because the use of formulas allows spreadsheets to complete mathematical equations automatically, without requiring calculations from the user. Form... Read More »

How do I set up spreadsheets?

Set up a HeaderMake up a header by going to the top of the form and clicking on both bold and underline. Write the header in caps, and it will automatically appear in underlined bold, making it eas... Read More »

I need help with spreadsheets!?

Without knowing more about the type of data you will are wanting to "split", all I can do is guess at an answer. (And by "old version" of Excel, do you mean anything prior to 2007, or something li... Read More »

How are spreadsheets used?

Spreadsheets are used in mathematical and scientific settings to analyze and calculate data. Spreadsheets use formulas and mathematical functions in a grid layout to calculate values. Spreadsheet... Read More »