Why are soo MANY ,,,,,,,,,, people afraid to "SING" OUT "LOUD"?

Answer i sing out loud...whether is sound good is a different story...=)

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How to Sing and Not Be Afraid in Front of People?

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How many people are afraid of vaccinations?

many, to about half. however that said, many do not admit their fear.

Why am i afraid of eating in front of people?

They are not looking at you to judge you. Trust me: they are just as self conscious as you are, and they are probably only looking at you to make sure you're not laughing at THEM because they spill... Read More »

Im afraid to go to the doctor so im asking you will i know if i'm diabetic?

Youll be thirsty a lot. Your weight will drop. You wont feel good. You might black out. Spend the $2.00 and get the test.