Why do people paint the bottom of trees white?

Answer In many countries, it's common to see the bottom of trees painted white. This is very rarely done for aesthetic reasons, as the principal factor involved is the health of the tree itself.SunscaldT... Read More »

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What do you do to get rid of white calcium looking flakes that settle to the bottom of your pool and when stirred up turn your water a milky white?

Answer Sounds like white water mold to me. Hum, take a sample of the "flakes" and water if possible to local pool store for analyzing. k If you have a Salt Water Chlorinating system and hard wate... Read More »

Painted Bark Eucalyptus Trees?

Painted bark eucalyptus trees, also called "painted gum," "rainbow gum," "Eucalyptus deglupta," "rainbow eucalyptus" and "bagras eucalyptus," are known for their colorful bark. The bark naturally p... Read More »

Can white cabinets be painted to look like wood?

There is no standard technique for painting white cabinets to look like wood. However, if the cabinets are made of wood and are painted white, you can remove the white coat using a paint stripping ... Read More »

Why are buildings in hot countries often painted white?

White color has always been popularly in hot humid climate to exude a cooling effect because of its reflective nature.Color plays an important role in daily lives of human living. The right choice ... Read More »