Why are some pimples under the skin and are hard and hurt?

Answer I dont know but I have one on my chin right now too - just under the surface so you cant really see it but I can feel it. I guess we are right to just leave them alone and hope our bodies do the na... Read More »

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How to make face skin smoother and clear skin without pimples and dead skins?

I've had incredible results massaging with natural oils. It quickly and permanently got rid of my long lasting blackheads, pimples, scars and all my many severe skin conditions and I now have a tot... Read More »

I have oily skin and I have pimples on my chin and jawline. How can I get clear skin?

Homeopathic treatment for pimples and oily skin :-NATRIUM MUR 30C + CALC PHOS 30C together thrice a day half hour before or after meals will clear your skin in a few days. Report back with your sym... Read More »

How to Kiss when Your Back Pimples Hurt?

Unfortunately many of us have had back pimples at one time or another. But there are times or circumstances that demand some honesty.

Skin Problems: Pimples?

Pimples. Zits. Whiteheads. Blemishes. No one likes to get them, but they're a common concern for teenagers, as well as some adults who have the misfortune of not outgrowing the problem that plagued... Read More »