Why are some people so insistent that Wikipedia is inaccurate?

Answer I totally agree. Those that believe that Wikipedia is a wrong site to look at sources are those that don't even bother looking at how Wikipedia works. Whats even worse, they will criticize the way ... Read More »

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Why do people think Wikipedia is so inaccurate?

Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Some people think that Wikipedia is quite unreliable because they can't believe that in general this system works. Though they generally do a go... Read More »

IS it true that wikipedia is inaccurate?

When compared to other general reference works Wikipedia is of comparable accuracy. The reason for this is that when a reader notices an inaccuracy, they can correct it. Thus, thousands of voluntee... Read More »

Is wikipedia really that inaccurate and unreliable?

Wikipedia really is that inaccurate and unreliable.First example, Wikipedia's one hundred articles about U.S. senators were once evaluated in a systematic fashion. It was found that these articles ... Read More »

Anyone here agree that Britannica is as inaccurate as Wikipedia?

I don't think so. I myself have an account at Britannica and have been using it for quite a while.