Why are some people more at risk for alcohol addiction than others?

Answer Some people are more at risk for alcohol addiction than others. While scientists continue to study alcoholism as of 2010, some factors causing the disorder are already well documented.Genetic Predi... Read More »

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Should people`s who stops drinking alcohol for more than 3 months or more?

That's a nice idea, but how would anyone prove they have not drunk alcohol in three months..

Does the disease of addiction progress more rapidly in adults than in young people?

There are four branches of the armed forces in the US. They are the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. All of which fall under the Department of Defense. The Coast Guard is sometimes considered a b... Read More »

Alcohol makes people more interesting?

not really depends on the personalitysome ppl really have bad attitudes

If more people die from alcohol than marijuana....?

no one...NOT ONE PERSON......has ever died from ingesting Marijuana.......( in any form ) order to ingest a toxic would have to eat/smoke upwards of 5 or more POUNDS of it........ Read More »