Why are some people convinced that the "government" is stopping cancer from being cured?

Answer Hmmmm. An immortality pill ?Would that be a good thing ?I agree with you " Rachel."Only a moron or non-thinking person would think there is a conspiracy to hide a "cancer cure."Why not a pill that ... Read More »

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HOw many people are cured from cancer every year?

We do keep records about this sort of thing in the USA.That's what DeniseDDS does in LA full time.Over half of all people in the USA who are diagnosed with cancer will be cured - especially if it f... Read More »

Why are people convinced that AVG antivirus/spyware is actually good?

I have been using AVG free at home for years - have not had any problems. Low memory footprint - good catch ratio. Also, I am using their pay network addition for workstations at school with no pro... Read More »

Do you think cancer will ever be cured?

The problem with finding a 'cure for cancer' is that cancer is hundreds of diseases, not just one. The difficulty is that different cancers are caused by different things, so no one strategy can pr... Read More »

Why do you think cancer has still not be cured yet?

It's sad to see someone pass long before their time due to illness. To see them leave partner, friends, family and children behind and pass at a young age because of cancer is heartbreaking and sou... Read More »